• Marc Morell
  • Dani Malet


Independent scholar and PhD anthropologist from the University of Barcelona (UB). A graduate of Intercultural Studies from the University of Trieste (Italy), in 2008 she earned an MA in Social Anthropology from the University of Barcelona (UB) with a thesis titled “Practiced Imaginaries. Urban renewal and symbolic reconstruction in the Raval neighbourhood, Barcelona”, which investigated the relationship between urban transformatons and social imaginaries in the historic core of Barcelona. Between 2009 and 2012 she had been developing her research in Sarajevo (Bosnia Herzegovina), focusing on the transformations of the city after war and its post-socialist transition, under the director of Prof. Manuel Delgado. Simultaneously in 2010, thanks to a grant from CoNCA (Catalan Council for Culture and Arts) she worked on a join project called “Daily Geopolitics: the case of Mount Trebević, Sarajevo”, along with photographer Camilla de Maffei. She defended her PhD dissertation, titled “Post-traumatic city: Marijin Dvor and Mount Trebević, two urban spaces in transition in Sarajevo”, in October 2012. Her work has been presented at international conferences and workshops in Spain, Italy, France, Ireland, Portugal, Bosnia Herzegovina and Scotland. In 2015 she moved back to her hometown Venice, where she is currently starting a new research project about residents’ daily practices of resistance against the hyper touristization of their city.


  • Andrés Antebi


Claudio Milano achieved a PhD in Social and Cultural Anthropology from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona with the thesis “Eran bichos de siete cabezas”. Una isla del Delta del Parnaíba, Brasil, en la mira de la promoción turística transnacional. His doctoral research focused on transnational tourism promotion and the development of residential tourism in Northeastern Brazil. He has a Master in Social and Cultural Anthropology (Cultural Differences and Transnational Processes) from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. He earned an MA in Tourism Management at the Federico II University of Naples after getting a Bachelor Degree in Tourism at the Faculty of Economics at the University Federico II of Naples. He is currently a researcher and lecturer in graduate and Master’s programs in Ostelea School of Tourism and Hospitality. In this same institution he is responsible for the Area of Social and Human Sciences. His main research interests include the effects of tourism promotion in Latin America and the new forms of tourism. Currently, he is conducting research on the relationship between tourism and social movements in Barcelona. Claudio Milano has been a Visiting Researcher at the University of Lumiere II Lyon (France) and Stockholm University (Sweden) and Visiting Professor at the Federal University of Piauí (Brazil) and at the Strathmore University of Nairobi (Kenya). He collaborates with several international anthropological research networks and he is a member of the Observatorio de Antropología del Conflicto Urbano (OACU), the Grupo de Investigación Interdisciplinar en Turismo (GRIT – EAE, Ostelea), and the Red Internacional de Investigadores en Turismo, Cooperación y Desarrollo (COODTUR).


  • Sergi Yanes